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YNATT: Chic, Romantic & Nuanced

In the age of the internet, new e-commerce sites are popping up every single day. New brands come and go every so to gain longevity requires a unique image and impeccable creative direction. YNATT≒乙— the name is as mysterious as the brand’s atmosphere. Recently opened in September, YNATT takes inspiration from Japanese, Chinese, even Ainu designs and remixes them into a romantically refined interpretation. The kanji (otsu) which means stylish, romantic and strange best captures the vibrations of YNATT

I try to reinterpret those inspirations (culture, movies & books) and timelines and see things in a different way in my designs.

Although the brand is just starting out YNATT has already found customers all over the world including the US, Canada, Taiwan, and China breaking down the barriers of traditionally stagnant e-commerce. The team is diverse as its audience with members that are able to speak multiple languages. 

  • YNATT Designs
  • YNATT Designs
  • YNATT Designs

The main model Yuna is the creative director of the brand and brings in her own brand of excentric y2k brands.

YNATT is still small only offering socks and stickers online. In the future, they intend to release a series of hoodies to their collection.

Instagram: @ynatt_o
Instagram: @yl_lna

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