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Outfit of the Day: Desert Jumpsuit

Golden Week is coming to an end much quicker than I expected. I’ll be returning home Sunday afternoon, so I had to make this last day count. The highlight adventure will be a little trip to the beautiful Tottori Sand Dunes, for a little beach trip and sunbathing. Tottori (link), is out in western Japan of the chugoku region and currently has the lowest population. While it’s not the most exciting area of Japan to visit the sand dunes are more than enough of a reason to pay a visit. The outfit of the day is intended to fit the adventurous mood exploring the desert.

From Himeji, it’s about a 2.5 hour train ride out to Tottori city. Since rural areas don’t have cohesive transportation we had to leave pretty early in the morning to get there by 10am. The sand dunes cover about 30 sq meters and runs along the Sea of Japan coast line. It’s the largest desert area in Japan where you can enjoy many activities such as sandboarding, camel riding, and visiting the national sand museum.

Tottori Desert Japan Outfit Jumpsuit
Might hunt for treasure later IDK | KupoKoins

Outfit Breakdown

Tottori Japan Desert Jumpsuit
Model-esqe |KupoKoins
  • Tan Coverup
  • Olive Jumpsuit- X-girl (Japan)
  • Doc Marten Boots

The trip has been so tiring especially when you’re traveling with another person, so I was happy to wear something easy. I bought the jumpsuit from X-Girl Japan. Orginally an American company but was sold off to a Japanese brand in the early 2000s. Their clothing is catered mostly towards the skater rebel type girls who value comfort and practicality over looks. It’s still a bit cold even during Golden week so I brought a long a tan coverup to keep myself warm as I explore the desert sands.

Thanks for following me through my Golden Week Vacation Outfits. How did I do with the capsule wardrobing? Did you have a favorite outfit? Leave a comment below.

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