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Beyond Forever21 & H&M: Where I shop in Tokyo

I wrote an article last week for For those of you unfamiliar, it’s a travel website where individuals can post their own experiences about living in Japan. They can post about festivals, pop culture, travel, etc. anything that could pertain to a large number of people. I wrote an article about where I shop for clothes in Japan. I watch a lot of fashion blogs on youtube and most of the Japan bloggers usually go to the same big retailers in Japan; H&M, Forever21, Zara, etc. While those stores are great, you can find them anywhere. Feel me?

My first mini modeling shoot

That’s where I come in to share some of my favorite strictly in Japan stores. Now keep in mind I range from sizes 6-10 depending on the store and the cut of the clothing. If you’re interested in shopping in Tokyo and you’re not petite, you might have a hard time finding clothes in most Japanese store

1.Lowrys Farm

The first on my list of favorites is Lowry Farms. I didn’t include this store in the original article because they only sell women’s clothing. They focus on “creating timeless simple pieces for women leading ordinary lifestyles.” A lot of their clothing are very plain and it does give off a very H&M feeling. But I can personally attest that the quality is much higher.

Clothes from Lowrys Farm 
White top, anime shirt, fanny pack, floral cover up
Ranma Tee, Long white Tee, Red Fanny Pack, Floral Cover Up

2. Kinji

If you ever watched a “shopping in Japan” vlog, you’ve probably heard of Kinji. It’s a giant thrift store where all the hipsters in Japan get their clothes from. They carry a handful of styles here from lolita, to vintage nike/adidas wear, to Versace inspired button up shirts. It can seem sort of intimidating at first due to the size of the store but spend a little time here and I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll love.

Clothes from Kinji
Jean jacket, color block top, band tee, overalls
Jean Jacket, Color Block Button Up, Band Tee, Overalls

3. United Arrows

I would consider United Arrows an introduction store into Japanese streetwear and fashion. They sell a lot of current trends and brands and do collaborations with other streetwear brands as well. Their style is simple but it does capture that cool clean feeling that most people want. United Arrows is expensive so I suggest buying from their outlet stores before their actual retail stores.

clothes from united arrows
White sweater, pink blouse, velvet top, white top
White Sweater, Pink Blouse, Velvet Pink Top, White Top


This is my favorite store to visit in Tokyo. It’s like a high end thrift store; they sell Gucci hand bags and Fendi track suits and their own brand of items as well. I’d classify them as a more high end alternative style. The store is small but it’s filled to the brim with all sorts of treasures. GallerieTokyo is definitely a fashion influencer’s dream.

clothes from GallerieTokyo
Cargo skirt, sweater, chocker, purple jumpsuit, plaid jacket
Cargo skirt, chocker, purple jumpsuit, plaid jacket

5. Spinns

Last but not least on the list is SPINNS. It’s a very trendy store that really caters to the teen to young adult crowd. They also offer some second hand items which I think are their better buys.

clothes from spinns 
red dress, hawaiian shirt, color block button up
Hawaiian shirt, red dress, color block button up

It’s easy to shop at the giant retail conglomerates because they give that sense of familiarity. You know what you’re able to get at H&M and F21 and you know they carry your size. But if you’re only shopping at those stores ask yourself, are you really shopping in Japan?

Thanks for reading about my favorite stores. Have you been to any of these places? Do you have any stores you’d recommend in Japan? Leave a comment below. And don’t forget to pin my post!

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