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Thank U NYX: Make Up in Japan for Darkskin People

It’s not that hard to move abroad if you’re willing to. You choose a destination, pack your bags, go through immigration, and boom you made it. I think the toughest part about moving abroad is the adjustment phase.

Once the honeymoon period wears off, you start to notice all the little annoyances you have now that you never had back home. Where can you find good Taco seasoning, how do you pay ___ bill, or where can you find make-up that matches your skin?

Mt. Nantai Hiking
Hiking Mt. Nantai | KupoKoins

Make-up seems like an unlikely concern to have. Especially if you consider yourself an “au natural” person, but the reality is a lot of people wear make-up. It’s not a multi-billion dollar industry for no reason, people love make up. And social media has only made that love stronger.

While the industry is projected to continue growing, even in 2019 make-up geared mostly to white people. And that’s especially true in Asia. Now I won’t complain too much, because it does make sense if you think about it. Foreigners only make up 1% of the population here in Japan so the market isn’t really there to cater for. But that doesn’t mean there’s not a huge market here to tap into.

Black Women in Japan Conference 2017 | KupoKoins

I remember NYX from when I was in middle school. I remember going to the local beauty supply store and my momma would pick out a lip gloss for me and say, “that’s what girls are supposed to wear”. And NYX was always my go-to brand as a child. I’m actually sort of proud now to see them grow into the mega cosmetic player they are today. Before Fenty Beauty, back when cosmetic companies only made at most 4 shades of brown, NYX has always been there for those who’ll never pass the paper bag test.

NYX cosmetic display
So much brown *drools*

NYX has been selling on Amazon Japan for a while now, but they finally opened a store in Tokyo in 2018, and they did not come to play. They have about 40 shades ranging from the lightest bright all the way to the darkest dark with various models for their brand. The foundations go for about 2,000円 or $20. They also offer concealers, highlighter and contour kits for darker shades as well (highlighter stick)

So if you find yourself having a make-up emergency in Tokyo pop on over to NYX in Shibuya. I’m sure they’ll have everything you’re looking for and more.

Update: Due to the effects of COVID-19 all NYX stores have closed in Tokyo. The brand is still available for shipping online.

4 thoughts on “Thank U NYX: Make Up in Japan for Darkskin People

  1. jasnwilliams93 says:

    I just visited Ikebukuro this past weekend. It was amazing! I ended up spending 7,000 yen on foundation, concealer, primer, setting spray, and a lip stick/gloss.

    1. I didn’t know there was a location in Ikebukuro until two weeks ago lol. I should check it out, I bet it’s less crowded than the one in Shibuya

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