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Throw Back Inspired: Ashley Banks

I hardly ever admit this to people but I love browsing through Pinterest. and Tumblr to find new ways to re-arrange my outfits. I love to try new looks with the things I already have and today I stumbled upon a throwback picture from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. A great show from the 90s and whenever I look back on it I always recall some of Will Smith’s best performance, I don’t usually think about Ashley Banks.

For those that don’t know Ashely Banks is Will’s younger cousin portrayed by Tatyana Ali (my afro-Latina sister). While I don’t remember disliking her character she just wasn’t as funny as the others on the show. Looking back on her now she did know how to dress. I picked out one outfit that was relatively easy to recreate that still felt like a bit of a challenge outside of my comfort zone.

Ashley Banks-90s
Simple and Sweet I suppose

Now that I think about it Ashely avoids a lot of color in her wardrobe. I know from the looks of my closet it doesn’t seem so but I don’t wear a lot of bright colors on a regular basis. I love bright colors but I hate to stick out, especially in Japan when I already stick out so much just for being a foreigner.

Outfit Breakdown:

  • Long Sleeve White Shirt: Simple shirt that I bought from H&M
  • Light Wash Mom Jeans: Ordered from ASOS, but they’re actually from PrettyLittleThing
  • Suspenders: From H&M, left over from a joker costume I did two years ago.
  • Black Doc Martins: Any simple black shoe would probably do
  • Accessories: Hop earrings, gold Coach Watch, and silver necklace

Dressing this way allowed me to channel my inner soft grunge a little bit and add a plaid shirt to change out the look a bit. It was pretty cold today so the plaid shirt came in handy for much more than a fashion statement.

It’s a simple look but the suspenders did have me stepping out a little bit of my comfort zone. They’re not red like Ashley’s but they’re not something I’d normally wear on my own. I’ll probably try using them a bit more in my ensemble.

Like the outfit? Are there any 90’s inspired outfits you tried? Pin this post and leave a comment.

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