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The Casual- Japanese Streetwear and Fashion

Japanese model in makeup holding an umbrella

Aside from anime and pop culture, Japanese fashion is one of the most prevalent reasons people become interested in Japan, and with the spread of Instagram and YouTubers, that desire has only grown stronger. But how do you get started on your journey through fashion? If you don’t live in Japan where can you even begin to understand the unique world of Japanese fashion and streetwear? Reggie Casual– a fashion consultant, YouTuber, and CEO of The Casual in Tokyo has the answers for you.

What is The Casual and who is Reggie Casual?

I wanted to create a space where people who want to be into fashion but can’t be into it because of the community can come and be a part of the conversation.

The Casual-Reggie Casual

More than just a youtube channel The Casual is a community of bringing people together to talk about lifestyle, culture, and fashion. There’s no prerequisite to join; you don’t need some established “clout”, only an interest in Japanese streetwear and fashion. On the youtube channel itself you’ll find that Reggie’s style of commentary is rather different compared to other influencers. You’ll never find a “top 10 winter pieces for men” or a “Tokyo Shopping Haul”.

Instead, you’ll find a different take on his fashion consulting skills. There’s no focus on how to dress like what society thinks you should wear. Instead, there’s a strong emphasis on being yourself and embracing the styles and pieces that truly make you unique. He also gives insider tips on breaking into the industry and starting your owns.

You’ll notice that people in Japan are invested into a lifestye- if they’re into hip hop they wear that. If they’re into motorcycles they wear those brands.

The Casual- Reggie Casual

Fashion as a Lifestyle

Japanese model standing on the street

Why does Japanese fashion seem so unique compared to other places? What is it that makes it seem like Japanese so effortless. What separates Japanese fashion from the west is its intersection of lifestyle. The investment in the lifestyle and the culture they subscribe to is what gives most Japanese style enthusiasts their edge. Reggie invites followers not to invest in hype pieces or the latest trends but to instead invest in the lifestyle you want to be a part of. Turn to influencers for inspiration on how to start your own style journey.

Youtuber and influencer Reggie Casual
Keep it Casual

Uniqlo. Uniqlo took over this country in the lost decade when nobody was making money.

Reggie Casual

Making Japanese Fashion and Streetwear Accessible

Aside from Youtube, Reggie also has plans in motion for opening an online store for more hard to get Japanese pieces. The store offers a variety of Japan-only exclusives from Supreme drops, Nike collabs, and pieces from Japanese brands.

Uniqlo store at night

However, if you can’t wait months for the opportunity for some Japan-only exclusives, Uniqlo is a great alternative and starting point for fashion. Uniqlo has become a staple in Japanese fashion offering great quality long lasting pieces at affordable prices.

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