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Trending this Spring: Chain Belt

In regards to your style, think of something you’ve always wanted try but just never found the time to actually do. Some people want to try switching up their make-up looks. Other want to wear more colorful shoes. For me personally I’m trying to incorporate more accessories in my closet. … Continue readingTrending this Spring: Chain Belt

Gender Neutral Fashion

Experimenting with Gender Neutral Styles

GenZ kids are so lucky to live in this time period. Growing up for me in South Carolina in a Black/Afro-Latina family there was only “boys” and “girls”. Girls wear pink and dresses while boys wear blue and pants. There were hardly any celebrities breaking barriers. Boys grow up to be masculine while girls grow up to be feminine. Now there are so many icons pathing the way and so many options for clothing no matter where you fall on the gender scale. … Continue readingExperimenting with Gender Neutral Styles