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KND Cree Lincoln Cosplay

Closet Cosplay: Cree Lincoln

As you probably noticed from this blog, I watch a lot of cartoons. You could do anything in a cartoon. You could go to space, fight ghosts, totally be a spy. Anything you could think of you could do, and cartoons are great because you don’t come face to face with uncanny valley syndrome that live action movies often have. … Continue readingCloset Cosplay: Cree Lincoln

Sailor Moon Anime

Closet Cosplay: Sailor Moon’s Serenity

I have this friend that I text from time to time that I met in college. She lives in California and while I went to school in South Carolina our relationship has been relegated mostly through texting. Not everyday or anything but from time to time we mostly text random facts about ourselves to each other. And I remember I texted, “I like to pick my outfits out that make me feel like a character. Like if I wear a stripe shirt, I’ll always pair it with boots because it’ll make me feel like a pirate.” And she died laughing, but it’s true I love to feel like a character in my clothes. … Continue readingCloset Cosplay: Sailor Moon’s Serenity