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Streetwear for Women: Experience X-Girl in Japan

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In a world where Japanese fashion is typically associated with the extreme cutting edge designs and kawaii subcultures, where do people who fall in the middle find themselves? Streetwear has emerged in the last ten years as the lovechild of high-end designs mixed with nostalgic executions. If you’re like me, you too have ambitions of mimicking the “IDGF” attitude of your favorite brands but not quite sure where to start. For longtime streetwear for women has been quiet. In fact, streetwear has been largely an “all boys” club

What is X-Girl?

Capture the aesthetics of the ’90s, though, in some skater styles, light grunge, and a splash of color and you get the brand X-Girl. The sister brand of X-Large an American streetwear brand founded in the early ’90s which mostly catered to men. In 94, Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth an understudy of …. began her own line X-Girl. Considered a strong pioneer of the “Girls Fashion” movement in art and music. It enjoyed the short run as an American staple and in 98 the brand was sold to Japanese Company B International and has been a staple in the streetwear scene ever since.

Introduction into Streetwear

The brand continues to churn out iconic looks inspired by rock, military, sports, and many other street culture outlets. Check out my favorite collaboration so far from 2019 X-girl/ MTV summer collection.

My personal favorite collection

They used a “Ukioye” Japanese style and combined it with classic 90’s style to create a timeless nostalgic feeling that will definitely stick with people’s minds for years to come.

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All pieces from the brand are simple enough that you can choose your own unique style to incorporate into your own everyday wardrobe. From t-shirts, jeans, jackets, etc. simplicity with a great cut and sew execution will definitely level up anyone’s wardrobe.

Where to Find X-Girl?

X-Girl has several locations in Tokyo including an online store for those outsides of the area. Their outlet stores can also be found sprinkled throughout Japan as I was a frequent visitor of Sano Outlets back in my heyday on the JET Program.

X-Girl Shop Lists

Of course, being a foreign lady myself, a lot of their more iconic pieces aren’t made for ladies my size. But if you still like to try don’t shy away from the more standard pieces to build up your wardrobe.

How about you ladies, can you offer other fashion brands for me to take a look at?

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