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Skincare has been one of my biggest concerns since I hit puberty. Being 13 was tough. Between being socially awkward, everybody’s body is changing the last thing you want to do is wake up with a new pimple on your forehead. For a while I had it under control my skin cleared up in college. I was all glowly and then coming to Japan… it was like I was hit with puberty all over again. My skincare routine was all out of wack here. I had no idea what was going on with me in the beginning. My diet hadn’t changed too much. After all, I mostly cook at home, I drink tons of water and avoid lots of alcohol and sugar. And yet every day I’d wake up with a big juicy pimple somewhere on my face. I tried everything to remedy the situation, from the generic store brand face washes to Lush and BodyShop products. I honestly wasn’t sure how I was going to get my face back until I decided to walk into the Korean skincare brand store TonyMoly in Shinjuku.

What is TonyMoly?

If you haven’t been keeping up in the beauty world TonyMoly is a skincare brand from Korea that’s been turning the beauty industry upside down. From the Korean Skincare 10 step routine, everybody wants a piece to see how. The thing that really sets Asian skincare apart is their use of essences and serums.

What’s an Essence?

I was pretty confused by this as well. I’ve never heard of “essence” before coming to Japan, but they’re commonly used here. Basically an essence is a toner. It’s a lightweight concentrated formula that is supposed to brighten skin, reduce wrinkles, and life dark spots. The composition of toners and essences are slightly different but they’re used for the same purpose.

My Skincare Routine

I spent a total of about $170 my first time walking into the store. It’s outrageous I know, but I figured it might be worth it to test out these products and see if the rumors about Korean Skincare are true.

Clean Dew face wash, Morning sunrise essence, intense care essence, eye cream, brightening peel, and Nutra energy mask sheets, were all involved in my extremely large purchase.

Step 1 & 2

Start off in the morning with the face wash like normal with the Clean Dew cleaning foam, and while your face is still damp apply the morning sunrise essence which is supposed to brighten my skin for the day. Then I apply my Nivea moisturizer and sunscreen like normal then go about my day.

Step 3 & 4

At the end of the day after washing, use the Floria peeling face mask to help bring out your healthy skin (only use this once a week). Then apply the intensive care essence which is supposed to help fade away dark spots and blemishes.

Step 5

Then once you’re completely moisturized apply your moisturizer take 10 minutes to seal in the moisture with a relaxing face mask. The clerk was generous enough to throw in these K-Pop masks for free with my purchase. Then finish off with the 2X Enhance cream as a moisture sealant (also doubles as an eye cream).

Is Korean Skincare Worth It?

To be honest I’m a fan. My skin problems cleared up within a week of using this routine and my face wash and skin peel last me for about 3 months at a time.

black girl
The clearest skin has ever been

Saving money-wise, I could live without the eye cream and the morning surprise essence. They were both really expensive. There are other alternatives for moisturizers and I thought one essence was more than enough.

If you too are facing some serious skin concerns Tony Moly is a great brand to check out here in Japan. 10/10 would recommend.

Where to Buy Tony Moly Products

I know I talk about Japan a lot on my blog and I did buy Tony Moly here in Shinjuku but fear not; you don’t have to travel all the way to Asia just to try some Tony Moly products.

If you’re ready in the United States you can actually find some of these products in Ulta. Although the selection isn’t as large as it deserves to be, you can still pick up some cute face masks and washes. I highly suggest just ordering some stuff from the online store.

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