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Outfit of the Day: Rainbow in the Rain

Raining on your first day of vacation has to be a bad omen. To be honest I feel like it’s a bit of a curse of mine. Whenever I have plans to leave Tochigi prefecture it always rains. It could be sunny the whole week but as soon as Saturday comes around the rain starts pouring non-stop. I must’ve pissed off a deity in another lifetime for this to always keep happening to me. But, today I was able to create my own little rainbow in the rain.

Himeji Japan Travel KupoKoins
Gardens at Himeji Castle | KupoKoins

I spent the day exploring Himeji Castle grounds. The castle grounds are only open from 9am- 4pm so if you really wanted to you could spend the whole day there. Himeji Castle is famous for being the most beautiful castle in Japan. Apparently the white walls are supposed to resemble the color of an Egret Bird.

Himeji Japan Travel KupoKoins
Himeji Castle | KupoKoins

Inside the grounds, there’s the castle itself, zoo, museum, and a garden. I wasn’t able to go inside the castle completely. Since it’s golden week, every place is overcrowded and there was a two-hour wait to go up to the top. I’ve been to three castles already so I can say with certainty if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all. The zoo is cute but a little sad. It’s the smallest zoo I’ve seen and the enclosures are really small as well. The animals also look really miserable but it’s only 200 yen to visit and the tiny amusement park in the back is worth the visit. I’d say the nicest attraction was the Koko-en Garden. It’s a giant Japanese style that according to my friend makes you contemplate life.

Himeji Japan Travel KupoKoins
Himeji Japan Travel KupoKoins
Koko-en | KupoKoins

Outfit Breakdown

  • Striped Shirt- Guess
  • Black High Waist Jeans- H&M
  • Tan Cover Up
  • Nike Shoes

A bit different from what I normally go for. I’m starting to understand why people love mom jeans and other baggier types of pants. It’s comfortable and a bit colorful something that I’m trying to aim for. Hopefully I brought a little bit of sunshine to someone’s day in the rain.

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