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PINNAP: Thrifting for Y2K Fashion

The fashion cycle is cyclical and now that we’re out of the midst of normcore we’re back again to the eccentric styles of Y2K fashion. Entering middle school towards the end of Y2K fashion, I can remember the Juicy Couture tracksuits, bedazzled accents, and cartoon graphics taking over everything in your closet. While the Y2K era definitely had plenty of fashion faux pas, looking back on the style it was very much about experimentation and enhancing what you already had. Society was embracing ultra-consumerism and that was very much reflected in the styles of celebrities.

Britney and Justin Denim outfit
What a time to be alive

I’m happy to see the Y2K era come back in full swing this time around. It’s probably the best era of fashion in my eyes because there weren’t any rules. You just wore something that you liked and made it work. On one of my walks through Harajuku, I stumbled upon a lovely store that made me feel as if I fell into my childhood again. PINNAP is the epitome of the early 2000’s all neatly placed inside this tiny store. As you come closer to it you’ll see the bright blue walls and hear the blaring pop songs inviting passersby to at least take a look. The store is small but you’re very much surrounded by character. Throughout the whole store, you’ll see motifs of Bratz, Barbie, People Magazine, Lisa Frank, basically anything a teen in 2002 would’ve wanted on their walls. PINNAP Y2K fashion collection offers graphic t-shirts, varsity jackets, dresses, and pants. An interesting point to note is that you can find the well-known LA brand VidaKush right here in the store to accessorize with your outfit. 

PINNAP is an attractive store for most Japanese people since it offers more upbeat and western styles than many Japanese stores. However, the pricing and sizing can be a little bit difficult to persuade foreigners to buy something. Many of the items outside of jackets and tees are only carried in small and medium sizes. The price point on average starts around ¥6,000 ($60), not bad for a truly rare item but a little hard to justify for a high school D.A.R.E. T-shirt. Still, if you dig hard enough you’ll be able to find some truly unique pieces in this store.

Rating: ***
Mood: Y2K paradise 

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