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Outfit of the Day: Yellow Sunshine

It’s my birthday weekend! Ya girl has finally leveled up and I’m excited to spend the day shuffling through some flowers. Today I went to the Ashikaga Flower park with some ALT friends of mine. As rural as Tochigi is, the Ashikaga flower park attracts visitors from all over Japan and Asia. This park is home to one of the oldest Wisteria trees in Japan. Peak seasons are in the spring for the Wisteria and winter for the winter illuminations. Japan has made me grow an appreciation for flowers and what better way to symbolize that than with a bright outfit homage.

Outfit Breakdown

My outfit this time around was inspired by a collage I found from Pinterest not too long ago. I’m trying to step out of my comfort zone of t-shirt and jeans and really try to open my color pallet.

Tochigi Japan OOTD FAshion
  • Yellow Top- H&M
  • Black Pants- Cropped ASOS Chinos
  • Black Nike Airforce with Gumsole bottoms
  • Dark Blue Micheal Khors Bag

This outfit was relatively easy to pull off and a little different from what I would normally wear. Again I’m more accustomed to wearing more form-fitting clothing. So wearing chinos that give me a more boyish shape on the bottom was different. I also added a chain accessory to sort of add a bit of pop. I also felt like I was embracing a more Japanese aesthetic here since most Japanese people don’t make a habit of wearing jeans.

Tochigi Japan OOTD FAshion

Overall I give it 5/5 stars. I was comfortable cute, and I felt like a pretty little flower. Happy Birthday to me!

Did you like the outfit? Got any Pinterest outfits to recommend? Leave a comment below.

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