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“Heaven” by Marc Jacobs Launches in Bookmarc Harajuku

Fuse alienation, teenage dreams, valley girls, psychedelics, and Y2K into one what do you get? The answer is “Heaven” , a new collection encapsulating the angsty nostalgia of the “naughties”. The gender-fluid Y2K theme successfully blends together bright alien colors with familiar green and tan khaki’s that are once again back on the fashion revival cycle. The new collection was launched in Harajuku, Tokyo at Marc Jacobs very own bookstore “Bookmarc” on Cat Street. In dedication to fashion and youth culture, the laid back bookstore was transformed into a 90’s teen bedroom, complete with vintage box TVs, pizza boxes, and alien plush toys. 

FRUiTS Marc Jacobs Tokyo Bookmarc Harajuku
FRUiTS Magazine Collection | KupoKoins
FRUiTS Marc Jacobs Tokyo Bookmarc Harajuku
Heaven by Marc Jacobs | KupoKoins
FRUiTS Marc Jacobs Tokyo Bookmarc Harajuku
Heaven Marc Jacobs |KupoKoins

In collaboration with the collection, the originator of street snaps Shoichi Aoki released a lookbook for the brand inspired by the FRUiTs street snaps of the early ’90s. The lookbook features models hand-selected for their style and contribution to the Tokyo fashion scene. Along with the collaboration to fulfill our collective millennial nostalgia, original FRUiTS magazines can be bought so you can take home a little bit of fashion history.  If you’re around Tokyo be sure to check out the exhibition as it’ll only be around until September 30th. The fashion cycle is moving faster than ever, what styles would you like to see make a revival?

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