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Outfit of the Day: Little Yellow Dress

I have loved Manga since I was a little kid. I remember the very first manga I ever read. It was Sailor Moon, and like the ignorant seven-year-old I was I read the book backward. Don’t worry I’ve learned to read them correctly since then and even translated some now. It’s always been my dream to visit a manga museum so of course if I come to the Kansai region I’m going to spend some time at the Kyoto International Manga Museum. So to commemorate this day of course I had to break out my little yellow dress for the occasion.

Kyoto Manga Museum Kupokoins
Kyoto Manga Museum | KupoKoins

Opened in 2006, the museum consists of three floors housing nothing but manga. On the first floor, you can find manga in English, Chinese, Spanish, etc. Then floors two and three only carry Japanese manga. The museum does a particularly good job of keeping manga alive with classes on drawing and writing by actual mangaka’s offered daily. Events here feature a lot of international manga artists as well. A ticket for the day is pretty cheap, less than 1,000 yen and you can take manga from anywhere in the museum, sit out on the lawn and spend the whole day reading.

Kyoto Manga Museum Kupokoins
Lawn at the Kyoto Manga Museum | KupoKoins

On the second floor, there was an exhibit on Takemiya Keiko, a famous Manga artist from the seventies who wrote pioneering stories such as Toward the Terra and Kaze to Ki no Uta. The exhibit walks you through her creative process and the history behind her first two works of art and provides some nice photo opportunities for you.

Outfit Breakdown:

Kyoto Manga Museum Kupokoins
Manga Museum | KupoKoins
  • Tan cover-up
  • Yellow Sweater Dress- Anysis (Japan)
  • Black baseball cap Harajuku
  • Nike Boot Sneakers

On a scale of 1-10 I’d rate this a strong 4, the pieces are cute individually but it all feels too safe. This time of the year is always hard for me to dress because I get cold so easily. It’s a knit dress but it’s sleeveless so I’d still need a way to cover up my arms and for Golden week in Japan, it’s still not hot enough for me to feel comfortable walking around without a jacket. But it’s still a step in the right direction on how I want to present myself. Hopefully I can do a side by side comparison between this year and next year.

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