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Hair Store in Tokyo: Ales Shop Harajuku

Spending an hour exploring the aisle of a hair store has to be one of the most underrated experiences in the world. There’s nothing better than finding the right hair care product or picking out the perfect set of bundles for a big event. Just a ten-minute walk from Harajuku station, Ale’s Shop Harajuku fills that void nicely with their large selection of extensions, wigs, makeup and hair products. The hair store has been around in Tokyo since 2010 starting out selling color dread extensions and evolving into a full-on brand. As you walk up the stairs you’ll be greeted by a separate room full of handmade wigs of different styles and length. Then to the left, you’ll see the main store fronted by an excentric shopkeeper with her own braided hairstyle. 

The selection of products isn’t as extensive as a standard beauty supply store in America but it’s pretty impressive considering the market in Tokyo. The prices aren’t too steep either as a standard pack of braiding hair costs about 999 yen, however the amount of hair received is considerably lower than that from American stores.

Other Notable Places for Hair Products/ Services

Wigs Hair Lacefronts Harajuku
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The audience for Ale’s Shop is still largely Japanese customers so they don’t have a wide variety of options to choose from for curly haired patrons. So here is a list of other places that offer products and services in Japan. 

Amazon Japan/ Rakuten Japan 

With some careful digging, you can find almost anything here but it’ll likely be marked up at least 20% of its original value. Shipping is also not included for most items so expect to spend at least 5,000 yen.

Roppongi Room 806

A black hair salon that also carries hair products. They’ve been around for at least 20 years and they’re pretty famous among the locals here in Japan. While they do have a lot of products they don’t really carry any popular brands. 


An online company that’s able to ship to Japan. All of their products are organic and priced fairly however their natural hair selection is lacking in variety. 

Black hairdressers come and go year after year in Japan but Afrocurlys has been able to establish itself as the only Black-owned salon based in Japanese. They’re legally recognized by Japanese laws and licenses so you can rest assured that you’re braiders and stylists are all certified.

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