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Closet Cosplay: Tifa

Just a few more days until Halloween is here, and I’m still digging up new cosplays every day. The release of the Final Fantasy 7 remake was probably the highlight of my summer. I finished my first year of school and I was ready to forget about the world for a moment in the middle of all this chaos. Tifa’s one of the most beloved characters of the Final Fantasy franchise appearing in almost every spin-off game. And while I don’t exactly have abs to show off, I still wanted to do a little Tifa cosplay to channel some inner strength. 

Outfit Breakdown:

White Crop Top- ASOS
Bike Shorts- H&M
Belt Skirt- GallerieTokyo
Nike Training Gloves 
Black Suspenders 

This outfit was rather easy to piece together, considering I already had everything in my closet. I just realized that I bought this biker skirt a long time ago and never really worn it out before. There’s something powerful about having your stomach exposed that makes me feel like I can beat anybody up if they get too close. Maybe this will finally inspire me to get in shape this winter. 

How about you? What’s your favorite Final Fantasy character?

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