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Fast and Furious: Letty Cosplay

The “Fast and Furious” franchise has to be one of the greatest things to come out of the 21st century. It’s got everything a movie needs. A diverse cast full of people of color; intense action; fast cars; and of course kick ass women.

Fast and furious crew members
Original FF Cast

Michelle Rodriguez has played some of the best action female characters in movies, but Letty has to be my favorites. She’s strong, cunning, loyal, and she’s got that tough sexy cool-girl edge that everyone secretly wishes they had.

Fun fact, in an interview with Michelle, Letty wasn’t always written to be the tough girl she is. In the original script, there was originally going to be a love triangle between Dom, Letty, and Brian. And her famous right hook at race wars had to be added in. Thanks to Michelle who actually grew up in the ghetto and knew girls like Letty, she was able to re-write this iconic character into the badass that she is today.

Michelle Rodriguez as Letty

She’s not easy or a femme fatale. She’s strong and loyal to her family. I’m so glad her character didn’t fall victim to the ignorance of male writers.

Outfit Breakdown:

Side by side, red top, cargo pants, cat eye glasses
If only I could find my own Dom
  • Red Crop Top- Forever 21
  • Cat Eye Shades- GallerieTokyo
  • Bikini Bottoms- ASOS
  • Cargo Pants- Fashion Nova
  • Boots- Doc Martins

I truly can’t believe Fast and the Furious is over 20 years. I watch that movie so much that I feel like it just came out yesterday. Although her part was small in the first movie I always loved her outfit and demeanor. Hopefully I can channel a little of that attitude in my everyday life.

Like the outfit? What character outfits do you find iconic? Leave a comment below!

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