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Beautiful Japanese cherry blossoms in bloom at Nagoya castle

Beautiful Cherry Blossoms Blooming

March has arrived. The air is warming up which means I can finally put away my heavy winter coat and start busting out the crop tops and sandals. The warm air also brings out new feelings of cleaning and re-organizing. And unlike any other time of the year, I’m the least busy. What better time than now to start spring cleaning my closet.

People no longer want to eat out since everyone’s trying to prep for their beach bodies, and the school year in Japan is currently coming to an end with spring vacation. This leaves me ample time to sift through my closet for what can stay and what can go.

2019 is going to be about big transitions for me. I’ve been living in Japan for three years now and I’m going to finally quit my job as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) and hopefully move on to something bigger and better in the next couple of months. And since I’m quitting and preparing for the eventual packing that will ensure by the end of May I decided to take this downtime to clean out my closet and finally rid myself of the clothes that are either too worn or just don’t seem to fit correctly.

I grow very attached to my possessions easily (it’s the Taurus in me). So even if I don’t have immediate use for something or I’ve never worn something that doesn’t mean I necessarily want to get rid of it. But alas I’m 25 and I want more out of my wardrobe and I want to feel like all the clothes in my wardrobe is something I can see myself wearing all year round. I don’t think I’m ready to go the minimalist route (maybe in 10 years) but I want to make sure all the clothes I have sparked some sort of value in my life (Thanks Mari Kondo)

meme of Mari Kondo cleaning out someone's closet

The Process of Spring Cleaning My Closet:

Now currently in my small Japanese apartment, I have 3 bins of clothes, a closet full of clothes, and underneath my bed are *tada* more suitcases of clothes set aside for rainy days. Too many clothes if you ask me, especially since I wear the same three outfits to work 5 days a week. But that’s what happens when you live somewhere for so long. Buying one shirt every so often turns into 10 shirts that you accidentally accumulated.

my messy closet

Just a small fraction of the clothes I pulled out

I’m going to take a little advice from Mrs. Marie Kondo herself, it doesn’t matter how many items I have. It just matters if it sparks joy in me when I wear it. Not comfort, not nostalgia but actual factual joy. I also want to be able to make at least three separate outfits out of a single item.

I’m aware of my situation I’m a teacher, not an actor or even an influencer. I also love to travel and I want to work on making a more functional wardrobe for when I go traveling anywhere. So all the clothes I want them to have the longevity that’ll last for years on.

What I learned:

In the end, I’d say I got rid of a fair amount of clothes. Some leggings with holes, stained tops, old FashionNova jacket.

I’ve always known this but, I’m realizing more how much fast fashion sucks. A lot of the clothes I got rid of I’ve only worn once or twice or they were just so low quality that I knew it wouldn’t last. Places like FashionNova and Forever21 are notorious for the poor quality and yet I keep running back there because they’re cheap and convenient.

Forever21 the beginner fashionista clothing store

So wrong yet so cheap

Second, the price you pay for clothing doesn’t mean that’s necessarily what it’s worth. For example, I have a sweater that I paid a little over $100 for but I know I won’t get even half of that back if I tried to sell it. Which is just disappointing.

Third I’m understanding that I can’t just simply imitate someone else’s style. And a lot of the clothes I bought before was to try and imitate someone. Just because something looks good on someone else doesn’t mean it’ll look good on me.

Hopefully, now that I’ve gone through my items a bit more I can shop for myself a little bit better and invest more money in fewer pieces.

How about you guys? Are you in the process of cleaning out your closet? Do you have a bad habit of buying into trends? Leave a comment below!


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