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CodonaDeModa Sophisticated Kawaii

As the end of the month approaches, I get the all but inevitable itch to treat myself to something nice. A thank you gift from me to show my appreciation for being somewhat responsible during the month. However, that puts me in a bit of a pickle because as amazing as shopping in Tokyo can be, it can be quite difficult to find pieces that fit that doesn’t compromise your bank account. Although the streets of Harajuku have seen some less than favorable changes in light of the Olympics and Japan’s ongoing internationalization, I can say that the area has become a bit more diverse since I first arrived here in 2016. At the opening of the backstreets of Uraharajuku, it can be quite easy to miss but there’s a hidden gem hidden in the basement of an inconspicuous building—CodonaDeModa.

You can easily be distracted by the colorful thrift store across the street or the loud urban-inspired hip-hop shop right next to it. Outside you’ll see some mannequins with some interesting decor but what caught my attention directly was the Haagen Das bag that was just begging for me to take a closer look. Thus I was called to the bottom of the basement and greeted by some rather friendly staff who although aren’t fluent in English, were happy to service a curious Black woman interested in Japanese fashion. ^.^  

Although it has the same feel as a thrift store, CodonaDeModa, actually carries global designer brands most notably from Korea but also some European names, and their own remake clothing. Walking through the store I felt as if a hole in my heart was instantly filled. Last year my favorite store on Cat Street, GALLERIETOKYO closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The store was fun and had all sorts of fun clothes and was the only store I made sure to stop by when I visited from Tochigi. While CodonaDeModa is a bit more expensive than GALLERIE, I can finally rest easy knowing there’s somewhere in Tokyo that offers eccentric clothes and (somewhat) inclusive sizes.

I originally wanted something cute and kawaii to add to my closet but I couldn’t quite take my eyes off this blue suit. I’ve been on a Sailor Moon Crystal binge these past few months and the design instantly reminded me of that show. Paired with some nice boots, I can easily see this becoming one of my fall favorites. 

I have a feeling my wallet is going to screening every time I walk into this store, but it’ll all be worth it to bring me one step closer to finding my own personal style.

Rating: ****
Price: $$$
Mood: Sophisticated Kawaii

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