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Closet Cosplay: Sailor Moon’s Serenity

I have this friend that I text from time to time that I met in college. She lives in California and while I went to school in South Carolina our relationship has been relegated mostly through texting. Not everyday or anything but from time to time we mostly text random facts about ourselves to each other. And I remember I texted, “I like to pick my outfits out that make me feel like a character. Like if I wear a stripe shirt, I’ll always pair it with boots because it’ll make me feel like a pirate.” And she died laughing, but it’s true I love to feel like a character in my clothes.

Closet Cosplay Sailor Moon
Matching my Pink Sweater with Pokemon Plushies

It’s the same thing that people do with DisneyBounding. People wear properly coordinated outfits that give off the feeling of a Disney character which I think is amazing. I wish more people did that with anime, because anime characters actually have fun outfits.

Sailor Moon Fashion
Tell me this isn’t how hipsters dress in 2019

Through a little bit of google research I found an oldie but goodie that I remember from about 2016 of Korean women that were dressing up as Sailor Moon characters and decided to finally give it a go. I really wanted to dress up as Haruko (Sailor Uranus) since she’s my favorite but it was harder to find an outfit of hers I already had. So I’ll settle for my second favorite Serenity (Sailor Moon).


Closet Cosplay Sailor Moon
Tee Hee
  • Levi Jean Jacket- Thrifted from Kinji
  • Pink Jumper- From South Korea
  • White Shorts- Forever21
  • Pink Frilly Socks
  • Off White Vans

Outfits like this always give me so much life because it was so easy to put together and I already had all of this in my closet.

Closet Cosplay Sailor Moon

Did I nail it? Like the outfit? Are there any characters you like to dress up as? Leave a comment below and Pin this.

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