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Closet Cosplay: Atsuko Jackson

I wish I could go back in time to when I first discovered Michiko to Hatchin. I was graduating high school, and at that time I was obsessed with finding as many Black anime and cartoon characters as possible. It was a rarity to see characters of color accurately portrayed in any medium especially in anime. Although the plot is simple enough, the storytelling, music, and character development have solidified this show as a classic akin to NANA and Cowboy Bebop. Of course the titular character Michiko is iconic, but I was enamored to see Atsuko Jackson on the screen. A dark skin anime character with an actual personality was almost unheard of.

About Michiko to Hatchin

Placed in Brazil, the story introduces us to Michiko Malandro. A gangster who spent the last twelve years in prison. After learning that her boyfriend Hiroshi Morenos who supposedly died in a bus accident years ago was likely still alive Michiko breaks out of jail on a quest to find him. During her journey, she finds Hana (Hatchin), Hiroshi’s daughter to help her find him. While the catalyst of the plot is about a man, the show is very much focused on the strength of women and female friendships. The show exhibits the harsh realities of living in the favelas of Brazil and throughout the show, it’s very obvious that most of the men in the show are either useless or downright evil. In the beginning, Michiko speaks so highly of Hiroshi that when we finally meet him, it’s disappointing to see that he’s nothing like the man we thought he was. He’s not a man of honor or some admirable gangster, he’s just a regular guy who abandoned his friends and family when they were no longer convenient to him.

This man really sucks | Anime Person

Every situation Michiko was able to get herself out of was thanks to the woman she was able to befriend. A notable relationship she has is with Atsuko Jackson. They both grew up together in the same foster home and despite being close as children ended up taking a completely different path in life. Michiko still living the life of a gangster and Atsuko is now a decorated cop. Although Atsuko has to arrest Michiko it’s clear throughout the show, she was trying to save Michiko from the reality of finding Hiroshi. She constantly reminded her that if Hiroshi wanted to be found, he would’ve found her and sometimes using her cop powers to keep her from being arrested.

Michiko and Atsuko stand off against each other
They’re Best Friends

There isn’t much known about Atsuko, since Michiko and Hatchin are the central characters of the story, but I enjoy seeing her on-screen. One of my favorite moments between her and Michiko is in the 10th episode after Michiko is severely beaten by Satoshi. She’s on the run from Satoshi and the police and has lost track of Hatchin. Atsuko finds her severely beaten but decides to let her go because she knows this isn’t the way to treat her friend. Atsuko’s a classy character who isn’t overexaggerated in any way. While the blonde afro isn’t common among the Black diaspora, I feel like she’s a real person whom I’ve met before. It would’ve been nice to get an OVA exploring the depths of Atsuko and Michiko’s relationship. 

Atsuko Jackson Closet Cosplay

This outfit is pretty simple since her signature look is just a basic all-white outfit. The only thing I had trouble with was the wig since I wanted it to look more like an actual afro and not just like a blonde afro wig sitting on my head. Atsuko’s style overall is very simple and classy— in a lot of ways, she dresses how my aunts dress. 

Atsuko Jackson Cosplay
My attempt at Atsuko
  • White Crop Top-Shein 
  • White Jeans- Shein 

When it gets a little cooler, I think I might wear the blonde wig out a bit more. What do you think? Are there any other characters you think I should try? 

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