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Cladwell: I Used an App to Style My Clothes

It’s April! It’s probably spring break somewhere in the Americas while school is starting over again here in Japan. Most of us are shuffling through our closet packing away your winter wear and replacing them for lighter material. And as you’re repacking clothes a wave of shopping fever washes over you and you feel as though you have to run to the nearest store for clothes. I too, also feel that way. I actually recently just bought some new shoes and a dress that I’m going to write off as an early birthday present to myself (May 10th). But as I’m going through Pinterest admiring all the clothes I wish I had, I came across a pin for Cladwell; a virtual styling app.

Pin for Cladwell app
Cute Pin

The app has a catalog of clothes you can choose to put into your closet or you can upload your own pictures yourself. Then once your closet is complete, it gives you a full profile breakdown of your clothing habits.

You can see, how many items you have. What percent of your closet you wear, your color palette, and your most and least favorite clothes.

The Process:

I spent about 10 minutes going through the catalog but decided to upload my clothes personally. I have a lot of variants in clothing and it’s nice to see what exactly I’ll be matching instead of a rough estimation.

After filling out your closet, before you can get a complete profile breakdown you have to choose at least ten outfits for ten separate days.

So from March 31st to April 8th, I pre set my outfits and decided that these will be the clothes I’ll be wearing fo the day.

The Good:

I actually enjoyed using Cladwell. I like the variety of outfits and choices it gives you. It suggests other options for you when building your own outfits, so if you want to wear a particular shirt but not the same outfit you did last week. It gives you other suggestions you can pair the same shirt with.

Also if you don’t like an outfit, you can “dismiss” an outfit by tapping on the picture and clicking the option when it appears. That way, it’ll never be suggested to you again.

What a monstrosity

I love how it catalogs the frequency of each item wear. This is especially useful if you’re looking to clean out your closet or if you’re trying to plan for a trip or create a capsule wardrobe. And I also like the color palette display, since I’m trying to avoid buying a lot of dark colors more.

Finally, the community seems to be very active on the app. I see new people on the explore page every day. Cladwell also provides a lot of guides in their app as well for shopping or general “how to’s” which I feel is very useful.

The Meh:

If you’re a perfectionist like me, Cladwell’s catalog won’t exactly cut it for you. While they do offer a lot of clothing in their catalog most of it seems very “department store”. If you buy anything from say an online Instagram store, I doubt you’re going to find a good match. There also isn’t a search engine for the catalog so you have to search through a long list of clothes before landing on something you even remotely like.

My second point, I don’t know if it’s the fault of the app or if it’s just the type of people that gravitate towards these apps but there seems to be a lack of diversity in the style of the users. There’s an explore page that allows you to look at other people’s outfit choices and a lot of the outfits read as very neutral plain, very schoolteacher. Which is fine, but if I’m trying to get inspiration for packing for the Bahamas, I wouldn’t turn to Cladwell for inspiration.

The matching algorithm seems to cater mostly to that demographic of simple. I have over 100 items cataloged but I seem to get the same 5 or six types of outfits appearing. I imagine the algorithm gets better the more you use it, but I’d still like to see some more variety.

Overall: 6/10

I can’t complain. It’s a free app after all. So for that price, I think it deserves at least a C. I like how detailed the app is and how it thoroughly tracks your closet and wears. And it takes weather into consideration when suggestion you outfits. I wish there was more diversity in terms of the users. I’d be cool to follow goth girls or more trendy fashion enthusiasts. Maybe they could have guest posts on their blog from other users to attract more diversity to their app, so that way it seems more inclusive.

I’m going to continue to use it. Maybe not every day but certainly if I’m looking to pack or downsize I’ll consult this app a little bit. After all, there’s always room for improvement.

Cladwell Pintrest pin

Have you ever used cladwell or any other styling app before? Leave a comment below and tell me what you think.

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