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The pandemic hasn’t been easy for anyone, I suppose unless you’re a celebrity. As I’ve tried to figure out my next steps in life, I realized I hit a small rut in shopping and fashion adventures here in Tokyo. The storethav coupled with the overcrowding, I’m overstimulated by the blaring sounds of generic pop blasting …

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Beyond Forever21 & H&M: Where I shop in Tokyo

I wrote an article last week for For those of you unfamiliar, it’s a travel website where individuals can post their own experiences about living in Japan. They can post about festivals, pop culture, travel, etc. anything that could pertain to a large number of people. I wrote an article about where I shop for clothes in Japan. I watch a lot of fashion blogs on youtube and most of the Japan bloggers usually go to the same big retailers in Japan; H&M, Forever21, Zara, etc. While those stores are great, you can find them anywhere. I want to know about the stores that can be found only in Japan. Feel me?