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Where to Buy Halloween Costumes in Japan

Halloween continues to grow in popularity in Japan every year as more people are catching on to the costume celebration. The first Halloween celebration was in 2000 when Disneyland hosted its first Halloween event and soon after other businesses followed quickly. Halloween however isn’t just a cheap imitation of American culture. You’ll hardly see anyone trick or treating and in Tokyo, the holiday is reserved mostly for young adults. People put a lot of effort into the creativity of their costumes, possibly in hopes of being street snaped in Shibuya or Osaka. Along with the simple police officer, ghost, and cowboy you’ll also see some elaborate costumes. From Dragon Ball Z to Doraemon ending at Gyaru costumes. So if you don’t want to be left out of the Halloween celebrations I put together a small list of some good places to get a Halloween costume worth showing off on the streets of Shibuya. 

Halloween Japan Tokyo
Halloween Tokyo By Dick Thomas Johnson

Don Quijote

Halloween Japan Tokyo
Don Quijote Roppoongi

Also known as the Wal-Mart of Japan, you can find a Don Qi Hote almost everywhere. Donki has everything from make-up to home appliances and also Halloween costumes in October. Their selection is pretty big depending on what location you visit. Roppongi and Shibuya seem to be the most popular locations to pick up costumes. The prices are decent ranging from 2,000 to 5,000 yen and come in different sizes. 


Similar to Don Quijote, the Loft is another great spot to pick up some Halloween essentials. Although unlike Donki, the costumes they have here are rather basic— Goth Girl, witch, prisoner. If you’re looking for something more elaborate than that you’ll likely be dissapointed.

Daiso/ Can-Do / Seria 

Daiso Japan

Unlike $1 stores in America, 100 yen stores in Japan are pretty above average and they have a decent collection of seasonal items all year round. You likely won’t find full anything more than a simple ghost costume or cat ears, 100 yen are great for finding cute decorations, and accessories to accent your home and costume. Daiso make-up is also pretty good to use on a daily basis and their Halloween make-up selection is good to add a creepy touch to that zombie or ghost costume. 

Tokyu Hands 

Largely known as a hobby store akin to Micheals in the US, Tokyu hands is a great place to kill some time and do some light Halloween shopping as well. At the end of October, they stock their Halloween costumes and accessories section similar to Don Quihote’s selection.


Halloween Japan Tokyo
H&M Japan |

Although Forever21 has shut down for good in Japan, H&M is still going and during October you can also find some Halloween costumes here as well. The costumes are usually simple i.e. cat or goth lady but it’s not a bad choice if you need something quick before you hit the streets on the 31st. 


Akihabara is a great place to go to for unique anime based costumes. Gee! is an anime merchandise store but it also sells anime costumes as well. There are a lot of costumes you can buy new but if you know anything about Japan, used costumes are always the way to go.

Online Options for Costumes

I always like to encourage people to shop locally to get the full experience of living in Japan but I understand that Japan isn’t the most inclusive place when it comes to size diversity. So here are a few online alternative options that ship costumes of all sizes. 

Amazon Japan/ Rakuten 

The obvious first choice would be either Amazon or Rakuten since shipping internationally tends to get pretty expensive. Here you’ll likely be able to find a variety of costumes and cosplays with different sizes as well for people who are on a budget.

Halloweencostumes sells exactly that Halloween costumes from America. Many of the costumes come in plus-sizes as well so there’s plenty of choices for everyone. Shipping starts at around $6 and takes about two weeks for delivery. 


A fan favorite for people in the West and in Japan. Asos sells current fashionable clothes such as Nike, Puma, PrettyLittleThing, etc. and ships them just about everywhere. The site recently started adding Halloween costumes. The selection is still small but it’s still pretty good and durable. Shipping is about $6 is you don’t spend over $100 and takes about 2 weeks for delivery. 

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