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It always feels so good to get back into writing on my blog. Work and school keep me from really contributing to this space here. However, I’m determined to get back on track with monthly updates soon. I’ve been getting a lot of recognition for my writing but something that’s been falling by the wayside is my passion for fashion. I’m not the best fashionista out there but I do enjoy clothing, how they make me feel, and what they could potentially be saying.

In the age of the internet, new e-commerce sites are popping up every single day. New brands come and go every so to gain longevity requires a unique image and impeccable creative direction. YNATT≒乙— the name is as mysterious as the brand’s atmosphere.

Bringing Final Fantasy to life at least the character, Tifa’s strong I’m strong we’re gonna be strong together.

A little bit 80s, a little Japanese, all Brazilian— Thamie Hirata brings Tokyo fashion to Brazil through her online store TokyoStyleShop.

Come October horror dominates the atmosphere and I’ve put together 7 spooky places to spend Halloween in Tokyo.

Fall is here and the Halloween season is upon us. If you ever wanted to know where to buy a Halloween costumes in Japan, the list is here.

Tottori is Japan’s largest desert located in the Chugoku region of Japan. While the area isn’t a very popular travel destination, it should be on every Japanophile’s bucket list.

Filling in a void in Tokyo, Ales Shop Harajuku is a hair store which specializes in selling hair extensions, accessories, and care products.

Japan is having way more fun in the fashion game. So I’ve compiled a list of Japanese fashion stores for beginners to start you on your journey.

A mix of millennial nostalgia and Y2K aesthetics, Heaven by Marc Jacobs launches at the namesakes store Bookmarc in Harajuku

Just a two-hour ride from Tokyo, Okutama is a great spot for a leisure hike, a dip in the onsen, and some traditional food.

Thrift shopping in Tokyo can quickly get overwhelming. I’ve narrowed down 5 lesser known thrift stores to check out in the big city.

Vending Machine Retail

A second hand shop in Nogata, Tokyo introduces vending machine retail with No Man Fukuya to give a simpiler, quieter shopping experience.

To My First Love

To my first love… you taught me self care, pride, and well love


Feeling stuck and can’t get up 

My Everything Poems

My Everything

My Black Skin is Everything 

Nikko Japan Tochigi Travel

Quickie Update Amist the Coronavirus

Wow! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, anywhere but I’m still alive and kicking out in the far East. No one could’ve predicted how crazy this year has gotten and it’s almost unbelievable.

Japan Tokyo X-Girl Fashion

Streetwear for Women: Experience X-Girl in Japan

Streetwear is largely an “all boys” club but there are some brands out there making some noise. Experience X-Girl and it’s take on streetwear for women.

Japan Tokyo Fade Haircut Barber

In Search of the Perfect Fade

In search of the perfect fade in Tokyo- it’s much harder than it appears. There’s some black barbers but do they offer the perfect fade…?

The Casual Youtube ReggieCasual Japan tokyo

Japanese Streetwear: ReggieCasual

Japanese streetwear and fashion seems unobtainable from the outside, but Reggie Casual of the Casual can offer viewers insight on how to get started.

Skin care in Japan graphic

Japanese Streetwear: ReggieCasual

TonyMoly is a Korean skincare line that’s been taking the world by storm. Follow my 5 step Korean skincare routine to achieve beautiful skin.

Beautiful Blooming Blossoms

Reflections on the JET Program- Closing the Chapter

I’ve been on the JET Program for three years and now it’s time to say goodbye. Join me in my reflections on the JET Program

Totoro Studio Ghibli Japan Saitama

Flash Back: Finding My Neighbor Totoro

Join me on a hike through Sayama Hills to find my neighbor Totoro, a reserved area of Saitama named after the iconic movie.

Afro Abroad: Maintaining 4c Hair in Japan

Living in Japan has many challenges, but it’s twice as challenging for us 4c hair girls in Japan . Don’t worry though, it’s easy to maintain an afro abroad.

Outfit of the Day: Yellow Sunshine

Inspired by a fashion Pinterest collage, I put together a cute Outfit of the Day to celebrate my birthday weekend. 

Outfit of the Day: Desert Jumpsuit

Golden Week concludes with a trip to Tottori to break in my new desert jumpsuit. The sandy backdrop and strong winds create the perfect scenery.

Outfit of the Day: Little Yellow Dress

I have loved Manga since I was a little kid. I remember the very first manga I ever read. It was Sailor Moon, and like the ignorant seven-year-old I was I read the book backward. Don’t worry I’ve learned to read them correctly since then and even translated some now. It’s always been my dream to visit a manga museum so of course if I come to the Kansai region I’m going to spend some time at the Kyoto International Manga Museum.

Outfit of the Day: Keep it Simple

Summer is approaching rather slowly but it’s coming. The day was in full force today and it was extremely hot for early May. Today we spent the day exploring the port city of Kobe. Kobe is the capital of Hyogo prefecture and it’s about an hour away from Himeji city. Located between the sea and the Rokko Mountain range Kobe is considered one of Japan’s most attractive cities and it’s easy to see why.


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