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Closet Cosplay: Audrey Rameriz

Audrey Audrey Audrey. I really like that name and if I ever have a child I’ll consider “Audrey” as a potential name. It’s such a shame that Atlantis is put in the pile of forgotten Disney movies because it’s such a good movie. Sure there’s no music but it makes up for that with good visuals and a really good plotline. And the handful of strong women characters in the movie.

Atlantis Disney Cartoons Cosplay
Disney’s Feelings Towards Atlantis

Despite Kida (the princess) being the main focus, Audrey was a standout character on her own. She was strong, resourceful, and funny. But not so much that it relegated her to the sassy Latina. She wasn’t about letting her gender being a hindrance and didn’t cater to any idea of what society thinks womanhood is about.

Atlantis Disney Cartoons Cosplay

Unfortunately, I don’t have a “Kida” cosplay laying around but I do have an off-brand, Audrey Rameriz, on deck. She’s pretty simple; overalls, white shirt, boots, and a hat. One day when my living situation is right, I’ll cosplay Kida as well.

Outfit Breakdown:

Audrey Ramirez cosplay, black hat, white gloves, white button up, blue overalls, timberland boots
  • Black Beret- Thrifted from 2nd Street Japan
  • White Top- H&M
  • Oversized overalls- Thrifted from Kinji
  • Boots- Timberlands (Audrey would totally wear Timbs)
  • White Gloves
  • Black Harajuku Hat- Thrifted

Paired with a neutral makeup look, cause Audrey’s a practical girl. Too bad I couldn’t fix a car to save my life. What’s your favorite Atlantis character? Leave a comment below!

Gif, Audrey Ramirez cosplay, black hat, white button up, blue overalls, white gloves
Audrey wears hoops right?

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