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Writer, Womanist, Languager, Traveler, Teacher

Girl smiling while standing in front of flower garden.
Mother Nature’s first Sunflower

Name: Jamila, J-MIllz, Jami-chan, Jam

Taurus Sun, Gemini Rising, Capricorn Moon

Fun Fact #1: I am a bread connoisseur. All breads are great; Rye, white, wheat, cinnamon- I don’t discriminate.

Fun Fact #2: I hate chocolate- don’t ask me why I don’t know.

As the sole creator and writer behind the platform kupokoins, my aim is to connect the world through my work, words, and advocacy. Trapped in the unforgiving art of writing and storytelling. My journey starts back in my middle school days when I used to write Sims storyboards at the sims writers hangout, and unleased cringy Dragonball Fanfiction on the infamous Sadly those sights are no longer in my view, the passion that I felt during that time still follows me today. While I do dabble in those mediums from time to time, fortunately, my horizons have expanded more into travel, fashion, art, and culture. There’s always more than one story to be told and as a womanist, I’m always ready to bring female insight and perspectives in the work. There are so many parts of the globe that have yet to be discovered and as a traveler, I’m not scared to jump into the unknown. Our words do mean something and it’s my job as a languager to arrange them in an intriguing comprehensive way. There’s nothing more powerful than discovering yourself through your own passion and I’m looking to take my work to the next level.

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