Month: August 2020

Vending Machine Store Tokyo Fashion Shopping

Vending Machine Retail

The pandemic hasn’t been easy for anyone, I suppose unless you’re a celebrity. As I’ve tried to figure out my next steps in life, I realized I hit a small rut in shopping and fashion adventures here in Tokyo. The storethav coupled with the overcrowding, I’m overstimulated by the blaring sounds of generic pop blasting …

First Love Poetry

To My First Love

Nothing has been the same since we parted ways.Honestly the sky turned grey and my spirit concaved You taught me self-love and made me feel seen.All the negatives in the worldWere just noise in between. I tried searching for you in others to no avail. Every friendship felt forced, and all new relationships ultimately failed. …

Stuck Poems


Open, close, then open again Five minutes turn into an hour Scrolling past selfies, models, and sunflowers Bright smiles and sun-kissed skin Oh look, another baby again *Buzz, Buzz, Ring* Who could it be? Someone finally noticed me! “Oh hey girl, how you been? Would you like to try my-“ Ugh, reply, “No, I don’t …