In Search of the Perfect Fade

It’s official. I’m a cheater. I didn’t think I’d ever get to this point in my life but yet here I am- trying to come to terms with the fact that I cheated on my barber. It’s one of the cardinal rules of (black) hair care- Don’t Cheat on Your Barber. And yet, here I […]

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Reggie Casual

The Casual- Japanese Streetwear and Fashion

Aside from anime and pop culture, Japanese fashion is one of the most prevalent reasons people become interested in Japan, and with the spread of Instagram and YouTubers, that desire has only grown stronger. But how do you get started on your journey through fashion? If you don’t live in Japan where can you even […]

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Skin Care in Japan: TonyMoly

Skincare has been one of my biggest concerns since I hit puberty. Being 13 was tough. Between being socially awkward, everybody’s body is changing the last thing you want to do is wake up with a new pimple on your forehead. For a while I had it under control my skin cleared up in college. […]

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variety of Japanese snacks

A Taste of Japan at Your front door- TokyoTreats!

Japan is known for quite a few things, anime, fashion, kawaii culture, and modern technology. And now you can get at least two of those in the form of a box. Introducing TokyoTreats!, a Japan-based company that delivers a taste of Japan to your front door. I reached out to TokyoTreats a little while ago […]

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Person writing in a notebook

Free Printables – New Start Free Giveaway

September is here and that means the start of school (for Americans) and the official end of summer. The best time of the year really because it’s about new beginnings. And what better way to start a new than with some free fancy homemade goal setting printables. This time last year, I was sitting at […]

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Tokyo Apartment Tour- #IHaveNoFurniture

It’s been so long since I’ve made a post but I’m back. Not necessarily better though. I’ve decided on my new apartment in Tokyo and settled in the sleepy northern parts of Katsushika-ku. It’s not central Tokyo like Shinjuku or Shibuya but it’s still Tokyo. Unfortunately, my Tokyo apartment tour won’t be as glamorous as […]

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What’s in My Bag- Essentials for Tokyo

I always thought that once I graduated from college I wouldn’t have a need for a backpack anymore. I’m supposed to graduate to a cute purse or a handbag of some kind to hold all my important documents in. And for a while, I really tried to avoid carrying a backpack around, but in Japan, […]

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Japanese students posing for a picture

Reflections on the JET Program- Closing the Chapter

My final month in Tochigi teaching on the JET Program has been hectic. I’ve been going over the final details of my apartment, translating my contract, and meeting with my teachers here to make sure I’m not being cheated. Getting my visa changed and waiting hours at the immigration office. And then dealing with the […]

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Flash Back: Finding Totoro

Summer in Japan is so different from back home in SC. In SC it’s hot pretty much all year round, but here even in the summer months, it can still get pretty cold. May-July is the rainy season, so every other day we have disgusting weather over here. One day it’s wet and cold outside […]

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Finding an Apartment in Tokyo

I’m still in disbelief at the thought that I’m able to move to Tokyo. Most people dream of moving to New York, or Los Angeles but I get to move to Tokyo. Me, living in the biggest city of Japan. Who would’ve thought? But I have to come down from my daydream to realize that […]

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