Stuck Poems

Open, close, then open again 5minutes turn into an hour Scrolling past selfies, models, and sunflowers Bright smiles and sun-kissed skin Oh look, another baby again *Buzz, Buzz, Ring* Who could it be? Someone finally noticed me! “Oh hey girl, how you been? Would you like to try my-“ Ugh, reply, “No, I don’t want […]

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Stroll Through Tokyo Oshiage Akihabara Asakusa

From Tradition to Modernity: Stroll Through Tokyo

Although I’ve officially been living in Tokyo for a year I should be used to it by now. But I still find myself comparing the (not so) distant streets of Sano to the overcrowded towns of Tokyo. Tokyo is beautiful on the outside but after one week here it’s easy to see why so many […]

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What's Your Super Power- Graphich

What’s Your Super Power

It’s been a minute since I posted anything here. I wasn’t trying to be neglectful. I was just hurt for a long time. Hurt mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, that I couldn’t find it in myself to move on. At the end of February I lost my job partially because of the coronavirus but mostly due […]

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Quickie Update Admist the Coronavirus

Wow! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, anywhere but I’m still alive and kicking out in the far East. No one could’ve predicted how crazy this year has gotten and it’s almost unbelievable. There’s a global pandemic claiming millions of lives, Kobe Bryant died, people are rioting over haircuts, civil rights, and racism […]

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Streetwear for Women: Experience X-Girl in Japan

In a world where Japanese fashion is typically associated with the extreme cutting edge designs and kawaii subcultures, where do people who fall in the middle find themselves? Streetwear has emerged in the last ten years as the lovechild of high-end designs mixed with nostalgic executions. If you’re like me, you too have ambitions of […]

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In Search of the Perfect Fade

It’s official. I’m a cheater. I didn’t think I’d ever get to this point in my life but yet here I am- trying to come to terms with the fact that I cheated on my barber. It’s one of the cardinal rules of (black) hair care- Don’t Cheat on Your Barber. And yet, here I […]

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Reggie Casual

The Casual- Japanese Streetwear and Fashion

Aside from anime and pop culture, Japanese fashion is one of the most prevalent reasons people become interested in Japan, and with the spread of Instagram and YouTubers, that desire has only grown stronger. But how do you get started on your journey through fashion? If you don’t live in Japan where can you even […]

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variety of Japanese snacks

A Taste of Japan at Your front door- TokyoTreats!

Japan is known for quite a few things, anime, fashion, kawaii culture, and modern technology. And now you can get at least two of those in the form of a box. Introducing TokyoTreats!, a Japan-based company that delivers a taste of Japan to your front door. I reached out to TokyoTreats a little while ago […]

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